OH heyyyy! 
Yes, that is a photo of a childhood me dressed as a tinfoil Salad Fingers. I was a guinea pig for my mum's college photography project and the rest of my inherited weirdness creativity is history.

Grew up in Nuneaton - the birthplace of big time filmmakers Ken Loach and Gareth Edwards. (Hoping to be the female equivalent, innit).  

Got into film the way every other commercial director in the industry seems to have got into it - making shit skate films with ma mates. Didn't think being the next Spike Jonze was a feasible career at the time so went and studied graphic design at Falmouth University and managed to get a job straight from there as an Art Director at Cogent Elliott. Learnt a lot about advertising and did pretty well awards wise winning the UK Young Cannes Lions competition twice in both print and film categories. Helped the agency set up a film department and became their in-house director. Left to go freelance and work in the big smoke in 2016.

Commercially, I've worked with brands including BMW, Mini, Renault, W Series, Microsoft, British Cycling, Jaguar Land Rover and E.ON. I've got a mixed bag but my specialities fall with automotive, sports and lifestyle. 

Alongside commercial work I take great pleasure in writing and directing my own narrative films which you can donate to HERE.